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RE Invest Indonesia is a multi-stakeholder platform established by Tenggara Strategics in cooperation with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to bring together renewable energy players from Indonesia, China, Japan, and South Korea. First started in 2021, RE Invest Indonesia 2023 is the third international renewable energy investment forum of its kind. RE Invest Indonesia 2023 seeks to bring up a discussion of the opportunities that spring from the Indonesian government’s environmental commitments to achieve net zero emission target by 2060, particularly in realizing the national electricity goal of phasing down fossil fuels by 2050 and state electricity firm PLN’s 2021-2030 electricity procurement plan (RUPTL). RE Invest Indonesia 2023 also aims to connect foreign investors and financiers with project owners in Indonesia through business matching sessions to help the country achieve its ambitious renewable energy investment targets

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